julie davidow

In Situ, 2013, Installation Views, Site specific installation of multiple works with wall drawing, graphite, chrome and acrylic paints with interference pigment on canvas and yupo paper, overall dimensions 320w x 144h and 188w x 144h. Installation View, Diagram 523 NW 1st Ave, Site-specific wall mural, 2013, graphite, acrylic, latex enamel, chrome paint on wall, dimensions variable.
Intersection, FAT Arts Village, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

DIAGRAMS, Site Specific Installation with Diagram #35, (Denver Art Museum/ Daniel Libeskind/ Interior) 2012, and Diagram #31 (Milwaukee Art Museum/ Santiago Calatrava), 2011, both gesso, acrylic, latex enamel, transference paint, chrome paint on canvas, 48 x 48 each with graphite, acrylic and chrome paint wall mural (Photo Credit: Sarah Michelle Rupert) archiTECTONICS, Gallery Installation View 1, 2012, Diana Lowenstein Gallery; Miami, FL (Photo Credit: Juan E. Cabrera)

Woman to Woman, Gallery Installation view, 2011, multiple works by Julie Davidow and Carol Prusa (Photo Credit: Juan E. Cabrera) Dis/Order, Gallery Installation View, 2010, Diagram #26 (Parrot Origami/Sarah Morris), 2010, gesso, acrylic latex enamel, interference pigment, chrome paint on canvas, 48 x 48, Diagram #6 (Black Beetle/Sarah Morris) 2010, gesso, acrylic, latex enamel, interference pigment, chrome paint on canvas, 72 x 72, and graphite and acrylic site specific wall drawing, dimensions variable. (Photo Credit: Jason Dowdle)

Eye on the Prize, ARTslant @ Fountain Art Fair, The New Strain #12 (Ariel/Julie Mehretu), 2009, gesso, acrylic, latex enamel, one shot enamel, interference pigment, chrome paint on canvas, 48 x 48, with site-specific wall mural, dimensions variable. (Photo Credit: Paul Clemence) Evidence of Tudor in a Thousand Plateaus (a mashup in 3 movements), 2009, gesso, acrylic, latex enamel,pencil on canvas and drywall, 36 x 76. (Photo Credit: Scott Lawrimore)

Diagrams for a Seismic Bioscape, Gallery Installation View, 2009, Diana Lowenstein Gallery; Miami, FL. (Photo Credit: Juan E. Cabrera) The New Strain, Gallery Installation View, 2008, Tarryn Teresa Gallery; Los Angeles, CA. (Photo Credit: John MacLean)

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